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What is All-Star Cheerleading?​

All-Star Cheerleading differs vastly from traditional cheer, due to its emphasis on competition. Teams will consist of athletes from all different backgrounds and paths of life. All of our participants will always be referred to as "athletes" due to the intense amount of training and conditioning that is required on a weekly basis in order for them to be the best athlete possible for their team.

All of our teams have an inclusive place for everyone, regardless of age or skill level or experience. Each team will be place into its own division, which are all based on the size of the team, the age ranges, and skill level. 

Athletes will be trained by their coaches on both team skills as well as individual skills. Once all athletes have learned and perfected their competition routines, they will finally have the opportunity to showcase their talents at multiple competitions, where they will be competing against other teams in their same division.

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